Our guests have the opportunity to enjoy the local renovated beach of Kavarna, located only 500 meters away from the complex. All active guests who enjoy the long walks, have the opportunity to reach the beach by foot. The rest of our tourists might do it by using their car or another vehicle. The local beach is known for its low prices of umbrella and lounge.

The official umbrella and lounge rates for the last summer season were 5 BGN each. The beach area is guarded one and offers running water, showers and medical center. Guests might also take advantage of the large free zone, where they can place their own umbrella.

Besides the local beach area, guests might also visit some of the most obscure and beautiful beaches nearby such as:

Bolata Bay near Cape Kaliakra

Bolata beach bay is located on the north side of the cape Kaliakra, right between Kaliakra and Bulgarevo, in the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. This is a sandy beach area, which looks like a firth and a narrow gorge carved into the shore. In Bolata runs a small river, fed by numerous springs, which flows into the sea by forming a small lagoon. Besides the interesting infrastructure of the beach, the beach line is part of a reserve, having the same name as the bay, ожер which runs one of the largest air highways of migratory birds from all around Europe, called Via Pontica.

The beach is perfectly suitable for people seeking the beauty and solitude. It is the right spot for diving.

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Tuzla Shabla

The beach of Shabla Tuzla is located 3 km. away of Shabla town and no more than 30 minutes away from the city of Kavarna. It is popular for its healing sea mud.

The beach is generally suitable for people seeking the beauty and solitude. It is divided into guarded and free (unguarded) zone.

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Krapets is a small fisher village, literally landed on the beach, just 30 minutes away from Kavarna. The beach is located between the village of Krapets and Durankulak. The beach has a length over 6 km. and the sea is with a soft and sandy bottom. Here you can find some of the few remaining unspoilt dunes of the Black Sea. The place is quiet, the sea is calm and suitable for families with children.

The atmosphere there is quite different from the crowded beaches of the summer resorts Albena, Golden Sands and Sunny Beach. Even in the summer months the beach remained almost unaffected by the crowds of tourists and allows you to fully indulge your vacation. The beach area between Krapec and Cape Shabla is consisted of untouched beaches and crumbling ocher shores.

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Durankulak beach is most northerly beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located on half a kilometer north of the camping "Cosmos", right next to the border of Romania and about 40 minutes away drive from the city of Kavarna.

The northern beach is with the lenght of 2.5 km. and reaches till cape Sivriburun (translated from Turkish Sharp cape – next to the Romanian border). It is locally famous as “Anna Maria” under the name of the ship, stucked in the 60s of the twentieth century. Visitors are able to see the ship chippings. The south beach area is about 7 km long and goes up to the Cape Krapec, passing in front of the Durankulak lake.

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Ezerets Beach

The Ezerets beach is located near the town of Shabla, just on 40 minutes drive from Kavarna. The village can be reached through a dirt road with the length of three kilometers long. The beach is long about 3500 meters. It is clean and relatively uninhabited. There is a forest and two lakes nearby. The beach area is unguarded and therefore the cleaning is done on a voluntary basis by the bathers.

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The beach area of the summer resort “Rusalka”

"Rusalka" is a fabulous seaside resort in the north of cape Kaliakra. It is located 20 km. away from Kavarna in the natural reserve Bird Bay, as known as Tauk Firth and Nanevska Tuzla. It is considered as an exotic one, due to its spectacular rocky coast, small and cozy beaches and ancient oaks.

The beach is divided into guarded and non-guarded zone. The guarded zone is chargable and guests should pay on the resort’s reception. The beach is suitable for diving and resting.

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The beach area around both golf resorts - Thracian Cliffs and Kaliakria

The beach zone is situated between the cities of Balchik and Kavarna. It has a Mediterranean-sea concept. The typical guests, who visit the beach, are the guests of the two golf courses "Black Sea Rama" and "Thracian Cliffs". The beach is not very large, but well arranged with bamboo umbrellas and lounge chairs on the sand. Guests are charged for the umbrella and lounges. The beach is guarded. The beach is suitable for people who appreciate the peace and calmness.

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Albena Beach

Albena beach is famous for its well maintained beach and shallow water. It is a great place for swimming.

Albena is situated in northeastern Bulgaria, 8 km. away from Balchik and 30 km. away from Kavarna. The beach is picturesque. It has a length of 5 km. and its width goes approximately to 150 meters. The wonderful combination of fresh air, greenery, clear water and fine sand acts as a magnet to the visitors.

The beach is guarded and is daily cleaned and processed. It offers umbrellas and sunbeds at extra cost. The resort entrance fee for visitors is 5 BGN and it allows you to use the resort parking all day around.

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Baltata Beach

Thos of you who are looking for privacy, we recommend the Balata beach. This is the beach zone between Albena and Kranevo, situated again in the North Coast. The beach can be reached only by car. It is also known as the nudist beach zone.

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Vanilla Beach

Vanilla Beach is located in the village of Kranevo, near the summer resorts Golden Sands and Albena. It is spacious and attractive beach zone. The beach is guarded and offers sun beds and umbrellas at low cost. It also has a number of restaurants and bars.

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