City of Kavarna is situated over the rocky north coast of Bulgaria. It is only 60 km. away from the sea capital of the country - Varna and 50 km. away from Varna airport. The beautiful Kavarna coast stretches its area over 42 km. The total beach area of the municipality covers 74,000 square meters length. According to the last official data, the city population is around 12,000 people.

In recent years, Discover Kavarna became a cultural destination, which develops a big variety of regional, national and global significant activities. The festivals became something traditional for the city. The audience, visiting them are usually people coming from the country and abroad. Most of the events’ special guests are related to the art. Kavarna is know also as the “rock capital" of the Balkans. The city was visited by over 40 world-renowned artists like - Dio, Manowar, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Accept, Nazareth, Saxon, Billy Idol, Twisted Sister, Aria Lyubэ, Philip Kirkorov and many others, along with a great number of Bulgarian artists - BTR, Signal, Hipodil and others.

Kavarna - the meeting point of the three infinities

Some of the most famous city events are: the Rock FestivalMussel and Fish FestFestival of Early Music ”STRAVAGANZA”, fireworks festival, youth festival, organised bike tours, hiking, fishing, photo tourism, water and underwater sports and paragliding.

Besides the listed entertainments above, the municipality has planned a decking construction around the sea coast with 650 meters length. The idea of the decking is to connect Buna 1 and 2, where 13 relaxation areas will be established - benches, awnings and greenery. In 2016, the sandy beach of the city was renovated. On the beach was established running water, showers, a medical center and lifeguarding posts. The beach is known for the low rates of umbrella and lounge. The city is mainly visited by many Bulgarians, Romanians, Russians, Czechs and Polish tourists.

Here you can enjoy the most interesting facts about Kavarna in 5 minutes:

Few of the most famous events:

30 June – 1 July: July Morning Festival

In the last 2016, the July Morning Festival brought thousands of people meeting the rise in the village of Kamen Bryag. The festival started at 04.30h in the morning with the first groups’ performance. Then on the scene, near the "Ogancheto", was sounded the iconic song “July Morning” in the same moment when the solar disk appeared above the sea.

July 8- Jul 9. 2017: Kavarna Rock Fest